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Who is ZeBe GLOBAL GmbH?

A merger between 4Square Return GmbH and PAJORO GmbH founded in April 2014.

4Square Return GmbH
The parent company of a globally active group of companies, which offers its export-oriented customers consulting and services from a single source in the area of Circular Economy.

Our return and recycling solution is based on over 30 years of experience. We specialize in raw material recovery and data destruction. PAJORO GmbH is a certified electronics disposal and treatment company with ElektroG certification and a specialist for file and data carrier destruction. Our operating area includes the dismantling of electronic waste from the IT industry as well as the professional disposal of memory storage devices.

Why ZeBe?

The name ZeBe originates from the German (Zerlege – Betriebe), or separation company. The name is meant to convey the successful principles of manual and mechanical separation perfected by PAJORO GmbH. We provide a unique integrated solution between recycling and remarketing of used equipment and components in the field of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) with a clear focus on value recovery. Our core business is the collection and disassembly of electronic equipment. Our primary goal is to capture reusable components and refine all remaining obsolete electronic equipment for the processing and recovery of raw materials. We distinguish ourselves through our special combination of manual and mechanical treatment. In this way, we achieve an optimized collection of reusable components and the highest quality and purity of raw materials.